Photo Credit: Andrew Holtz

Photo Credit: Andrew Holtz


It's the question I fear most. I never know how to answer. I do lots of things. Or more to the point, I make a living doing lots of different things. For that, I feel very lucky.

I started playing music and writing songs when I was fifteen. After graduating Rutgers University, I got my first record deal with Sony/Epic. Since then, I've released more than a dozen albums as a singer-songwriter and toured the U.S. several times over. The Star-Ledger very kindly proclaimed me “one of the finest songwriters in the Garden State, [and] also one of the most prolific.”

I've also been acting since I was eighteen. I’ve had roles on Vinyl (HBO), 30 Rock (NBC), The Big C (Showtime) and Ugly Betty (ABC) and been featured in a bunch of commercials

Last but not least, I write fiction. My debut novel, The Reminders, was published in 2017 by Little, Brown in the U.S./Canada and by a dozen other publishers abroad. It has also been optioned for a film.

I live in Jersey City, New Jersey.



Prolific, endearing…one of New Jersey’s best-loved singer-songwriters for a decade.

Val Emmich may not be the first rock singer-songwriter to see a major-label record deal go sour, but he’s one of the few who seems to be getting the last laugh….To start, there is his still-thriving music career….He has also just completed a novel….Last but probably not least, there is his day job [where] Emmich has been drawing a paycheck by smooching with the actresses Tina Fey and Lucy Liu on the sets of the TV shows “30 Rock” and “Cashmere Mafia”….[Emmich] has fully rediscovered himself artistically…. [It’s] shaping up to be a multiplatform reinvention.

From the state that brought you Bruce Springsteen comes strong, emotional Val Emmich.

Fans of the pugnacious early Joe Jackson should appreciate the blunt songs of Val Emmich, whose wounds and vindictive streak are barely contained by his terse rock tunes.

Emmich is a guy that would sound good writing country, blues, pop or Louisiana Cajun for that matter. The direction matters less at this point than the content he continues to deliver from within.

TV fans know him from ‘Ugly Betty’ or ‘30 Rock,’ or maybe one of his many TV commercials. But here in New Jersey, we know Val Emmich is a musician first and actor second. The singer/songwriter…started on an indie, went through the major label meatgrinder, and now he’s self-releasing himself digitally. Do yourself a favor and download.

A warm, empathetic songwriter with an ear for hard-to-resist hooks.

It isn’t often that an artist can capture the poppiness of such artists like the Foo Fighters and the Dave Matthews Band with the indie heart of Ben Kweller and Bright Eyes.

You want naked emotion? This guy has it in spades.

Val Emmich is a New Jersey kid with a whopping falsetto and restless soul that takes him into such random territory as indie disco numbers and angsty punk anthems.

Val Emmich is too smart to be either too emo or too sensitive. Think Joesph Arthur with Rufus Wainwright’s emotionalism and Pete Yorn’s pop instincts.

I’m happy that one of New Jersey’s most talented young artists has opted for personal fulfillment over jockeying to be the next American Idol. We need more Val Emmichs in this world.