Handmade CDs

I've sold out of the limited edition CDs for my new album Whatever's Chasing You and I hear some of you are bummed. First off, thanks for caring. Second, there's still a way for you to get your hands on a copy...sorta. Here's the thing: I've only run out of the actual compact discs; I still have some extra copies of the printed cardboard wallet and the foldout lyric sheet. 

If you've gone fully modern and don't want yet another physical CD gathering dust in your home, never fear because the digital version is coming soon. But if owning music in a tangible format still means something to you and you didn't order the album quickly enough, I've got a plan. 

Here's what I'll do. For those who really want a copy, I'm offering a super limited run of handmade CDs. What's a handmade CD? Well, the CDs I sold out of were professionally manufactured at a plant and had full color printing on their surfaces. What I'm proposing to do is burn a few blank CDs on my computer, write my name and the album title on the front with a black marker and send that to you. The rest of the package will be exactly the same. You'll still get the same exact cardboard wallet and the foldout lyric sheet that everyone else is getting. And you'll still hear the new album before any of the digital downloaders hear it. 


$12 + Shipping/Handling. 

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