New Album Trivia

Did you hear? I have a new album and it's called Whatever's Chasing You. It's my first full-length release since 2012's Bulldozzzer and here's 7 little pieces of trivia related to the making of it.

  1. For the last year or so I've had this permanent scratchiness in my throat, like something's caught in there. It doesn't hurt, not really, but it is uncomfortable and it definitely affects the way I sing and how my voice sounds. (No, I haven't been to the doctor yet.) At first, it frustrated me so much that I almost didn't continue with the new album. But ultimately I found a way to make it work for me instead of against me. Instead of hiding the scratch, I showcased it. You'll notice many of the songs feature laid-back, talky, croaky vocals and now you know why.
  2. The title of the album, Whatever's Chasing You, comes from a song called "Little Dinosaur," which was planned to be included on the album but was ultimately left off. I think you can take the album title (at least) two ways: as a statement or as a question. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, the song "Little Dinosaur" is the background music featured on this clip.
  3. "Falling In The Shadows" was a song originally written for Autobio: Part Two. Lyrically it worked perfectly for that planned EP but musically it was a better match for this collection. Yes, I'm still planning on doing a sequel to Autobio: Part One. It's just taking me a long time to write.
  4. "Bedtime Regrets" was the last song created for the album and was written in five minutes before bed one night. I wrote it entirely in my head without an instrument in hand (this rarely happens for me) and sang it into my phone. Yes, I realize the first part of the verse melody accidentally resembles a certain Bruce Springsteen song, but I don't care (that much).
  5. "Almost Lost You" was inspired by (but is not solely about) my longtime theatrical manager who suffered an aneurism recently and nearly died. 
  6. "Where My Heart Is" was originally recorded as a loud rock song. I just didn't feel it was connecting emotionally, so I tore it apart, slowed it down and tried it out as a more ethereal acoustic song, which is the version you hear on the album.
  7. The main music for "Slow Connection" was originally written for use in a television commercial that had requested a song that sounded like David Bowie's "Heroes." I turned in several ideas for consideration but the creators of the TV spot ended up going in an entirely different musical direction. I recycled many of the unselected pieces for The Good Names Are Taken EP. The "Slow Connection" instrumental was the only remaining song idea leftover from that session and I finally found a use for it.