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Welcome to the first ever STAY IN TOUCH WITH VAL EMMICH PODCAST in which I attempt to keep in touch with my friends, and you get to eavesdrop.  My first guest is former bassist Jon McGarry.  Listen to us discuss newborns, the perils of rooting for white basketball players, our 5 best/worst Lost characters and how many 5th graders we think we could take at one time.  Next week me and my manager will dissect the May 20th show after the fact.  Send in questions or ideas for future podcasts by clicking Submit A Post above or by Replying to this post.

DOWNLOAD PODCAST HERE:  valemmich.com/podcast

Quote of the Show: “I like pathetic things and people.”

WARNING: If you like Podcasts or Talk Radio (like I do) then you may like this.  If you don’t like listening to people talk however, then you will be hopelessly bored.

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