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Loved the webcast! As much as I hate that your music doesn't get the reach it deserves, like it would with a record label, it's nice to know you have full control over your music and can release music when you want and how you want. When can we expect some of the new songs you performed!? Also, speaking of record labels are you still shopping around labels and will the next album have some support .. or is it up to us to spread the word!!! Thank you for all you do!

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Thanks for tuning in! I played 2 new songs, both of which appear on the limited release EP Pack your Bags, Pack Your Heart. Anyone who tuned into the web concert received the 5-song EP (or should have; email me if you haven’t). The EP contains bonus material from the last two years and it is not widely available at this time; it was only a giveaway for the one night only. That said, I’ve provided one song “Hey Hey Hey" as a free download here.

The main stuff I’ve been working on for the last two years will be released widely later this fall. No record label, no support, from me to you, no frills. Stay tuned for details. And yes, I’d be grateful if you spread the word when the time comes.

"Writing offers a way of trying to connect with something beyond that obvious feeling... because you know, there is hope in connecting, and so perhaps for me it is a way of remembering I am not alone." - Lucille Clifton

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New Music & Web Concert 9/30

I’ll be doing a web concert from my home on Tuesday, September 30 at 9PM. It’ll just be me with an acoustic, playing some new songs and some old ones, too.

Tickets are “Pay What You Can.” I believe the minimum is $1. Reserve your ticket here.

A lot of people have been asking me about new music. I’ve been recording lots of new stuff over the last two years, but I’m not ready to share that particular stuff yet. However, to calm the anxious among you I’m releasing a 5-song EP that you can only get through the web concert.


New limited-release EP
featuring 5 new songs
Available for a limited time only through StageIt
to anyone who pledges $10 (100 Notes) or more

I’m giving away one song “Hey Hey Hey” for free here.

Questions about how to get the EP? See below.

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Will you pretty please schedule a performance (NYC or even better, Philly)? I need some passionate musical release in my life!! Respectfully submitted:)

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Respectfully received. I have some things I’m trying to organize that may make you happy. Coming very soon. Standby.

Eagerly, patiently, respectfully waiting for new music! You are my favorite musician!

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I’m flattered. Pretty soon I think. Stay tuned.