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New Music & Web Concert 9/30

I’ll be doing a web concert from my home on Tuesday, September 30 at 9PM. It’ll just be me with an acoustic, playing some new songs and some old ones, too.

Tickets are “Pay What You Can.” I believe the minimum is $1. Reserve your ticket here.

A lot of people have been asking me about new music. I’ve been recording lots of new stuff over the last two years, but I’m not ready to share that particular stuff yet. However, to calm the anxious among you I’m releasing a 5-song EP that you can only get through the web concert.


New limited-release EP
featuring 5 new songs
Available for a limited time only through StageIt
to anyone who pledges $10 (100 Notes) or more

I’m giving away one song “Hey Hey Hey” for free here.

Questions about how to get the EP? See below.

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Will you pretty please schedule a performance (NYC or even better, Philly)? I need some passionate musical release in my life!! Respectfully submitted:)

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Respectfully received. I have some things I’m trying to organize that may make you happy. Coming very soon. Standby.

Eagerly, patiently, respectfully waiting for new music! You are my favorite musician!

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I’m flattered. Pretty soon I think. Stay tuned.

It's a funny thing, growing older and feeling that age. It's kind that kind of weary that settles in on some days when you're wondering when something, despite all your best efforts in trying to make it happen, is gonna change. I just wanted to say it's been a pleasure having your albums when one particularly needs them. (Boy Who Cried Wolf is still as raw and meaningful as ever.) Will we be seeing more of you in the near future?

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I’m going to combine this with another question I recently received from an Anonymous user: "Your music never fails to make me happy and watching you perform live is like chrismukkah. When will you grace the stage in New York or Philadelphia again? (Soon please!)"

I’m flattered that my music means something to you both of you. I feel lucky. And I totally relate to the idea of waiting for that breakthrough. So much of my life I feel like I’m just repeating myself. Which is why I haven’t released music in a while. I’m trying not to repeat myself and part of that involves forging into new territories. Then again, sometimes more of the same is a good thing. You see how my mind fights against itself?

I’ve been getting the itch to play again. But I haven’t been able to follow through. You’ve encouraged me. I will try.

Where can i buy a poster of you? I want you on my wall :)

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I have a few different poster designs somewhere over here. I can send you one if you don’t happen to live on Mars. Email me at ve.newsletter@gmail.com.

"You’ve typed me this question, you reached out, so you’re already on your way." Are you on your way? When you answer us, is that you reaching out? We want you to be ok, too.

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I’m peachy. Don’t worry about me.

Hey Val, I was wondering what you do when you feel like your life has been shot to hell?

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I wish I had an answer. What do I do? I think drastic thoughts, feel too restless to sleep, too disillusioned to put on clothes, want to rip somebody’s fucking head off, my own included, and then time goes on and I slowly share with others and they remind me that so many have it much worse (if you widen your circle enough) and I get some distance on “hell” and “hell” seems more like a bump than a valley or a chasm or a hole that can’t be dug out of. I survive, is the short answer. Because I don’t know what else to do.

You’ve typed me this question, you reached out, so you’re already on your way.

Hi Val! I found that any time I told someone about your music, and they asked for an album recommendation, I always leaned towards Slow Down Kid and Little Daggers. I figure they each have songs that have more pop/mass appeal (especially LD) and thus increases their chances of getting into your music (which has worked!). You have such an amazing writing range, from deeply introspective words & music (i.e. Buldozzzer) to pop as mentioned. Do you foresee writing a more "pop" type record again? -TM

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Thanks for recommending my music. I’m not sure I have the best perspective on my own material. I’ll leave it to all of you who listen to determine which albums are “pop” and which are not. Looking back, I think “Looking For A Feeling…” was a pure pop record. But that was five years ago now.

I never know what music I’ll make next, only that it will be different from the record that preceded it. I notice that my releases tend to zigzag in mood and I think that has to do with me constantly reacting to what I’ve just done and trying to push into some untested frontier. I hate repeating myself and yet I always do. It seems I’m always trying to figure out the same things: why am I here? what am I doing? how do I get more out of this? why are you and I not connecting? I want to be included and I want to be left alone. I want to be noticed and ignored. I, I, I, I. Help, help, help. Give me meaning, hold me, love me, stand for something, be pure, real, true, don’t fuck me over, don’t fuck all of us over, make me understand, make me feel alive. You get it.

More pop coming? Maybe, not sure, probably, we’ll see. I’ve been working on something for over a year now and I have no idea if it’s on the pop side or the experimental side. I’ve lost myself in the process. That’s part of the zigzagging: some releases are spontaneous and organic and pushed out without belaboring. Others are fiddled with over and over until they get close to some vision in my head. Little Daggers was a case of the latter. We shall see.

I can say this of the latest material: I’m trying to be new.