TITLE: Whatever's Chasing You
DATE: August 11, 2016
FORMATS: CD / Streaming / Download Free

  1. I Want To Hang Out

  2. Nobody Makes It On Their Own

  3. Slow Connection

  4. Falling In The Shadows

  5. Almost Lost You

  6. Bedtime Regrets

  7. I Shouldn't Bother

  8. Back Me Up

  9. Where My Heart Is

  10. All I Ever Wanted From You

Check out the stripped-down version of this album titled Whatever's Chasing You (Acoustic Selections).

"Emmich is always dead on when conveying his lyrical message within an excellent sounding framework….[He’s] once again proved that no matter how long he’s been doing this, he hasn’t run out of creative juice and won’t anytime soon….An excellent record."

-- John Pfeiffer, The Aquarian